“Breaking the Shackles of Bondage Through the Living Word”



Breaking Chains

Bringing Hope

Changing Lives

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                      BRINGING HOPE......

                                          CHANGING LIVES.....



Christian Services, Inc., is a mission of people of like faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The purpose of Christian Services, Inc., is three-fold:

Everything that is done at CSI, at home, in transit, individually, or collectively, is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father.

To edify, to comfort, to exhort, to reprove with love, and to encourage is the goal of CSI in it’s relationship with the family of God. No distinction is made between the rich and the poor, educated or uneducated, mighty or weak. Christian Services, Inc., is an Interdenominational ministry, showing no differences or prejudices due to doctrinal beliefs of those who seek our services. It is our goal to guide all persons into truth. The services which we offer have great emphasis on the Word and reliance on the Holy Spirit for the healing of and the provision for the whole person.

Evangelism should permeate the whole organizational network and be a continuous emphasis at CSI.

Christians Services, Inc., should be a delightful place --- a place of great power, great grace, great mercy, great feat, great company, great wonders, great miracles, great persecutions, great victories, and GREAT JOY. (Acts 4:33, 5:5, 11;6:7,8;8:1,8;15:3)

Governing documents, conflict of interest, and financial documents are available by request from our office or at www.guidestar.net


CSI People

CSI Administrative Board

Dr. George Azar

Dr. Deborah Azar

Mr. Adam Calhoun

Mrs. Leanna Calhoun

Mr. Jimmy Franklin

Mrs. Kathryn Franklin
Mr. Milan Hoze
Mrs. Stephanie Hoze

Mr. Cornell Malone

Mrs. Olivia Malone
Mr. Tom Montgomery
Mrs. Linda Montgomery
Mrs. Debi Myrick
Mr. Bill Prout, II
Mrs. Tabbatha Prout

Mr. Jim Prout

Mrs. Maggie Prout
Rev. W.L. Prout
Mrs. Cookie Prout

Mr. Larry Sellers

Mrs. Ruth Sellers

CSI Advisory Council

Chief Frazier Bolton
Mr. M. Ronald Doleac
Chap. Roger Flowers
Mr. Glenn Galey
Judge Deborah Gambrell
Dr. Ralph Kahler
Mrs. Jan Lacy

Mrs. April Ladner

Judge David Lyons
Sheriff Billy McGee
Dr. Lynn McMahan

Mr. Andy Mercier
Judge Gay Polk-Payton

Sheriff Danny Rigel
Mr. Kim Rodgers

Chief Bruce Russell
Judge Sheila Smallwood

Sheriff  Jimmy Dale Smith
Mr. Bobby Tatum
Mr. Richard Topp
Mr. Glenn White


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