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In the early 1980’s, Christian Services, Inc. was born in the hearts of Bill and Cookie Prout, along with a small group of Christians whose hearts were broken for the hungry, the homeless, and the hopeless in our community.  In 1989, CSI became a member agency of the United Way of Southeast Mississippi, and has been continually associated with United Way since that time.

In 1986, CSI officially opened in a large house at 105 McSwain Street, serving a hot meal at lunch each day to anyone who came in hungry.  Today, 600-800 meals are served each day from the modern kitchen located at 301 E. Second Street through The Soup Kitchen, and

Meals on Wheels. 


In addition to The Soup Kitchen, CSI began housing homeless men in 1986.  This initial service has evolved into Liberty Ministries, a long-term residential recovery program for men with life-controlling problems.  Many of these men are rescued from the streets or from the court system, giving them hope for a different future.  In 2011, The Asbury Foundation helped us to purchase the 18.5 acre former church camp now known as The Land of Liberty.  Since 2011, we have been renovating and housing

men at that location.  


In thirty-five years, CSI has grown from a small vision of a few dedicated people to a community-supported emergency room for the victims of poverty, addiction, and unexpected events.  We expect in the future to continue to relieve suffering and to improve lives in our community by sharing the love of God in very practical ways.   Everyone deserves a chance to hope, but they can't do better if they don't know better.  We love serving fish, but we also love teaching men how to fish!!  

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate
their faith. 

Hebrews 13:7


  • Dr. George Azar

  • Dr. Deborah Azar

  • Mr. Adam Calhoun

  • Mrs. Leanna Calhoun

  • Mr. Jimmy Franklin

  • Mrs. Kathryn Franklin

  • Mr. Glenn Galey

  • Mrs. Gayle Galey

  • Mr. Cornell Malone

  • Mrs. Olivia Malone

  • Mr. Tom Montgomery

  • Mrs. Linda Montgomery

  • Mrs. Debi Myrick

  • Mr. Larry Sellers

  • Mrs. Ruth Sellers 

  • Mr. Grant Walker

  • Mrs. Nancy Walker


  • Mayor Toby Barker

  • Judge M. Ronald Doleac

  • Judge Deborah Gambrell

  • Judge George Gunter

  • Dr. Ralph Kahler

  • Mrs. Jan Lacy

  • Mrs. April Ladner

  • Judge David Lyons

  • Sheriff Charlie Sims

  • Dr. Lynn McMahan

  • Mr. Andy Mercier

  • Sheriff Mitch Nobles

  • Judge Gay Polk-Payton-White

  • Judge T. Michael Reed

  • Sheriff Danny Rigel

  • Mr. Kim Rodgers

  • Chief Bruce Russell 

  • Dr. Beverly Smallwood

  • Mr. Bobby Tatum

  • Mr. Richard Topp

  • Mr. Glenn White 

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